Caring for a Caregiver!

Join Rachae's Rescue on Saturday March 1st at the Holly Springs Petco for an

Adoption & Fundraising Event Honoring Lisa Heitzel!

All proceeds go directly to the care of the animals and continuing Lis'a work


Lisa Heitzel is a kind, caring, amazing animal caregiver. Over the years she has rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of animals from every situation imaginable. She has taken in kittens after their mother was set afire by teenagers; rescued a kitten being beaten by a lady; gave new life to a cat stuck in a bear trap.

Unfortunately, Lisa is terminally ill and we don't know how much time she has left. What we do know is that she has many animals that she has loved, cared for, and tried to find forever homes for. All these animals need to find their forever homes before it's too late.

Together I know we can make Lisa's dream of finding forever homes for these animals come true!

Here is how you can help today:


All donations will go directly to the care of the animals and continuing Lisa's work.


Adopting one of these loving cats. All of these cats are friendly and just love being around people. Each has their own personality and I know there is one there that would fit perfectly into your family.


Share Lisa's story with others. The more people that know Lisa's story the more animals we can save.