Bring `em Home

Help bring Rommel & Blitz home from Afghanistan!

Update - 7/26/2014

We are happy to report the boys have made it safely to North Carolina. They will be staying with Rachaels Rescue until the fence is finished at the soldier' s home.

Thanks for all your support!

Update - 7/16/2014

The boys will be arriving at my house On Tuesday July 22 to be reunited with their soldiers on July 23. They will be staying with me until we can get a fence built at their forever home with their soldier. Rommel will be starting physical therapy soon and any donations to help with that are greatly appreciated. We will be posting Welcome Home photos soon!

Update - 7/5/2014

They Are Coming Home!

Thanks to everyones hard work and support Rommel and Blitz are on their way to their forever home!

Check back soon for homecoming photos and more updates.

Update - 6/8/2014

Right before one of the pups was to travel to the rescue center in Afghanistan he was struck by a vehicle and the ball joint on top of his femur was broken. As you can imagine this was very painful!

NOWZAD flew in a vet from the UK and for the FIRST TIME EVER in Afghanistan a Femoral Head Ostectomy was performed to remove the broken pieces of the ball joint. This would cost thousands of dollars in the US to do.

The issue right now is the fact that the pup has zero muscle mass in the affected leg so recovery is going to take a long time. We really need to get him home ASAP so he can have a speedy recovery!

Surgery Start
Surgery Finish
Sugery Recovery

Update - 4/15/2014

The good news is the boys have arrived safely at the animal shelter in Afghanistan. The unfortunate news is because of their size the new estimate for getting them home is $10,000. We are confident with all of your support we can bring home these soldier companions. Thanks again for all of your support!

While on tour in Afghanistan, a couple Fort Bragg soldiers rescued two wonderful pups from their death. These dogs have become like family providing love, comfort, and a little piece of home. Now that it is time for the soldiers to return back to North Carolina, we need your help in getting the rest of their family back too! It will cost approximately $8,000 to bring both boys back to their forever home in Fayetteville, NC. Every dollar counts, so lets BRING `EM HOME!


Total Raised - $10,000.00

Rachael's Rescue is working in partnership with Gaurdians of Rescue & NOWZAD